We’ve had the pleasure of working with some wonderful people over the years and they have been gracious enough to help us show you what you can expect by becoming a client with our firm.
His real interest is in you
When you meet Kevin, he will be very businesslike, as he should be, but trust me his real interest is in you. If you don’t understand what he is saying, he will ask you to comment. And when I didn’t understand he told me in a way I did understand, and it wasn’t in a condescending way. It was like we were learning together where my money was going and why. The discussions about my feelings about risk versus reward regarding the management of my money were paramount in his mind. His concerns about my comfort as to how he was doing things were first and foremost. Other than quarterly reviews I would get emails and calls regarding my thoughts about making changes.  Trust me…that is rare to that find in a CFP. I have never met a person more committed to the well-being of another person’s wealth management than Kevin Hegedus …never.  And I have dealt with many over the years. I invested in Kevin because I am a very good reader of people, and he is the real deal.
Dean G
March 2024
You are an integral part of our retirement planning
You have given us exemplary personalized service over the past many years. Your understanding of our needs and wants coupled with your knowledge of our ability to accept risk for our investments has been so important to us. Kevin’s regularly scheduled personalized reviews of our portfolios are so important to us—we always leave feeling like we have received a good overview and an understanding of what is happening with our portfolio. Kevin’s suggestions to improve our portfolios to deal with our lifestyle changes and taxation issues have all been welcomed. The many, many seminars that your office has planned and presented have always increased our knowledge. You and your colleagues at PWM Private Wealth Counsel (and previously as Prairie Wealth Management) -- have all been so friendly and responsive to any questions or concerns we have had over the years. This knowledge and your service have given us a positive outlook for the future as we enjoy our retirement. We look forward to many more years of your wonderful customer service and your friendship!
Bill and Margaret M
October 2023
** This testimonial was provided prior to joining Q Wealth Partners
Your professionalism will be hard to match!
You have served my financial interests exceptionally well since I met you in Prince Albert in April 2004. Being an immigrant from South Africa, having arrived in Canada May 2002, you have guided me now for over 20 years and into my retirement in 2017. Now, retired, and reaping the benefits of a conservative approach to my investments with PWM Private Wealth Counsel with you at the helm. Thank you most sincerely, and I have peace of mind, knowing that you excel in taking care of my interests, and still walking those extra miles for me.
Helmine C
October 2023
Trust is the basis ...
When we first started to search for someone to advise us regarding our finances, three things were important to us:

1. Trust is the basis. If you don’t have trust, nothing else matters. Kevin has earned our trust by being a certified financial planner. This tells us that he has invested in his own education which helps give us confidence in his advice. He has a track record of over 20 years as our advisor.

2. Relationships - When you have built up trust, you can build a solid relationship. Kevin has taken the time to get to know us as we have worked on getting to know him and his staff. We talk about each other’s family when we have our quarterly financial updates. Kevin continues to be a learner about his business and provides opportunities for clients to be educated about trends and new products.

3. Communication - In the world of finances, change is constant, at times dramatic. We receive monthly emails, telling us about current conditions around the world with background material to help us more fully understand the situation. Kevin schedules regular personal meetings where we compare our portfolio to the past year and alternative markets. He is always open to our questions and explains matters in a language we understand. Kevin also gives back to his community which shows us the strength of his character.
October 2023
He cares very much how his clients feel ...
We first met Kevin when he spoke to a group of Saskatoon Construction Association members. At the time, we had our money invested in a bank and were looking for a more personal representative that wouldn’t change every couple of years. We found that person in Kevin. We liked his philosophy and what he had to say to the group. He was just starting his business and we appreciated the attention he gave us as we had just come into a substantial (to us) amount of money and needed good advice.

We haven’t looked back. Kevin engaged a financial planner, (we didn’t have a long-term plan), we have had our insurance needs reviewed numerous times by his amazing staff and have attended various seminars with special guest speakers brought in to educate his clients. As his business has grown, we still feel that he and his growing staff, are giving us just as much attention as in the beginning. He cares very much how his clients feel and makes sure they understand what is happening in the market. When the market drops, and we feel uncertain about our investments, we meet with Kevin to re-evaluate and always leave feeling reassured. We are now retired and are so relieved that over that last 25+ years, Kevin has carefully invested our money, and found safe, reliable steady investment vehicles for us.

We have no intention of ever changing to a different investment advisor. We feel that Kevin is one of the best wealth advisors in the business.
Helen & Erling A
October 2023
Disclosure: The reviews have been solicited and are provided by exiting clients. These views may not be representative of other clients.
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