Tax Planning &
Corporate Structure Planning
Whether you’re a sole proprietor, a partnership, joint venture, or incorporated – the structure in which you’re conducting your business has significant benefits and drawbacks depending on what stage of life your business is currently in.
The business structure that you operate affects more than just tax. There is significant insurance, legal, succession, and estate implications that need to be considered. As your business grows and evolves – so does the business end of it. Our job as wealth managers encompasses so much more than just the management of your funds. We also ensure we provide you with the best possible advice on tax minimization and corporate structuring to make sure you can focus on what’s most important, growing and preserving, while we focus on the details on the business end.  

Our process begins the very same way and it is integrated into how we view your overall financial situation. We take the opportunity during the completion of your Financial Plan to assess the tax you are paying, and the way you are structured. By getting to know how your business operates today, and your plans for the future, we assess whether there are any opportunities to re-organize or position you in a way that will allow you to minimize the tax you are paying now, and as your move forward into retirement.
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