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Founded in 2009 by Kevin Hegedus, who has been in the investment industry since 1991, PWM has grown to become one of Canada's largest independent financial planning firms. Our mission is to help our clients and their families attain financial peace of mind by creating comprehensive financial plans tailored to their objectives. With decades of combined experience, our team focuses primarily on the needs of high-net-worth families, individual investors, and corporations.
Our Clients
Building Wealth
Build your wealth by making smart decisions early on. Invest wisely. Make a budget and track your expenses. Prioritize paying off debt. Let us help you get on the correct path.
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Preserving Your Family Life
Protect your wealth for life’s unexpected moments. It’s time to consider life or disability Insurance, create an estate plan and prepare a will. Our wealth advisors can guide you through this.
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Enjoying Retirement
Have you considered your expenses during retirement? Use your investments and pension plan to supplement your income. We can help you prepare a plan that works for you.
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Continuing Your Legacy
You’ve grown your wealth over the years. It’s now time to update your will and re-evaluate your estate plan to prepare it for the next generation. A well-prepared plan will help secure your legacy.
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Our Services
PWM Private Wealth Counsel is home to a proprietary process that puts all the pieces of the financial puzzle together. We exemplify a true holistic approach, providing discretionary, fee-based wealth management through investment management with Q Wealth, financial planning, insurance, and tax & accounting services.
Our Approach
The world of finance has seen dramatic change, disruption and innovation over the past quarter-century, with three key factors standing out as most consequential for Canadian investors:
  • Our more diverse, open, complicated and growing economy.
  • The current inflationary and interest rate environment.
  • The need to build innovative and managed portfolios while keeping fees as low as possible.
The traditional 60/40 (60% equity, 40% fixed income) approach to asset allocation served many investors very well in the past, but with inflationary and unprecedented interest rate activity, the historical environment the 60/40 was built on is now a long-distant memory.
Our Process
Wealth management involves so much more than managing investments. Our holistic approach puts all of the pieces of the financial puzzle together, giving you peace of mind and allowing you the freedom to focus on the things that really matter.

For family’s wishing to take advantage of our complementary planning service, we understand that your time is valuable and that the process can feel overwhelming. Based on your needs, our PWM wealth advisors and/or Q Wealth portfolio managers would typically take you through the following process to ensure we meet your financial objectives.

While we are happy to meet in person, should you wish to meet virtually, our secure screen sharing meetings are a great alternative.
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