Discretionary Management
PWM Private Wealth Counsel has partnered with Q Wealth Partners (Q Wealth), a registered Portfolio Manager, Investment Fund Manager, and Exempt Market Dealer.
Registration as a Portfolio Manager requires the highest level of professional education and experience in the financial services industry. Portfolio Managers are the only type of advisor in Canada required to uphold a fiduciary duty to their clients. This means that Portfolio Managers must always act in the best interest on their clients at all times. After over 100 years of combined experience, we have learned that this approach to wealth management provides the most significant benefits to our clients.  

As a trusted Portfolio Manager and Investment Fund Manager, Q Wealth can utilize advanced investment techniques, like those employed by leading pension funds, to shape favourable outcomes for our valued clients.  

As a client of PWM and Q Wealth you can enjoy more freedom plus the opportunity to seize unique wealth-building opportunities.
Lower Investment Costs
Q Wealth’s internal trading processes, economies of scale, use of securities lending, and access to lower management fees for funds managed by external experts, collectively lead to lower investment costs for our clients.
Customized Client Outcomes
The use of private pooled funds across the Q Wealth investment platform allows for the use of institutional investment strategies built on a foundation of delivering customized outcomes for clients. These funds are offered in different fund series to customize the desired investment experience for clients. As a client of PWM and Q Wealth, you are no longer limited to basic portfolio solutions. Whether you are looking for income, growth, active management, tax-efficiency, maximum diversification, or a combination of these strategies, there is a solution to meet your needs.
Access to a Broader Range of Asset Classes
As Portfolio Managers, Q Wealth is able to select from a much wider range of asset classes and investments than what is typically available to most investors.  As a client of PWM and Q Wealth, you will benefit from gaining access to a broader range of investment opportunities that go beyond what is typically available to investors. Unlock the potential of your portfolio with access to liquid alternative asset classes and advanced investment techniques such as the strategic use of options. This investment approach is designed to better mitigate risks by reducing volatility and seeking enhanced returns.
Better Risk Management & Enhanced Returns
The inclusion of alternative assets in portfolios allows for better risk management in complex market conditions. Hedging strategies and other risk mitigation strategies used within the Q Wealth private pooled funds further allow for reduced portfolio volatility. Across some strategies strategic options overlays and prudent leverage are used in an effort to enhance portfolio returns. Taxable accounts also benefit from risk mitigations from hedging strategies and where possible, Q Wealth tries to offset taxes within the funds in an attempt to improve after-tax returns for clients.
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