Planning – A Holistic Approach
There’s no greater satisfaction than helping our clients achieve financial security and peace of mind.
We do this, in large measure, by offering a suite of services and taking the time to create a comprehensive and tailored financial plan that helps reduce tax, manage risk and provide clarity over the long term.
Tax Minimization and Accounting
The biggest impediment to creating and maintaining wealth in Canada may be taxation. For this reason, PWM Private Wealth Counsel’s team of experienced Chartered Accountants (CA) and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professionals (CFP) continually monitors changes in taxation in search of the best tax-savings strategies. You’ll also receive personalized guidance to help you capitalize on government-sanctioned tax reduction and deferral programs as well as tax-preferred and tax-efficient investment opportunities.
Risk Management and Insurance
Along the way, as you accumulate your wealth, your focus shifts from creating it to protecting it. At PWM Private Wealth Counsel, we offer an expert assessment of risk designed to address your individual needs. Since the risks to creating and maintaining wealth come in many forms – including health, tax erosion, economic factors, market conditions – the solutions we offer do too. Our goal is to present you with solutions from Canada’s leading and most trusted financial institutions best suited to your tolerance for risk and your insurance needs. In this, we are always guided by a commitment to diligence, professionalism and objectivity.
Retirement and Legacy Planning
While you may benefit from each of our areas of expertise, most clients combine our services to form a holistic plan. Though each plan is different, ultimate goals tend to fall into one or the following categories:
  • Retirement Planning:
    You’re looking to transition from a time in your life that features work and responsibilities to one dedicated to family, leisure and personal fulfillment
  • Succession Planning:
    Your transition involves a more complex range of issues, including the disposition of a family business or practice and intergenerational movement of assets.
  • Legacy Planning:
    You need to prepare your estate for the benefit of heirs and the community, with consideration for charitable, non-profit or faith-based organizations.
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