Frequently Asked Questions
Everything you want to know about PWM Private Wealth Counsel and the relationship with Q Wealth Partners.
What is PWM Private Wealth Counsel and what services do you offer?
PWM Private Wealth Counsel is an Owner and Partner in the Q Wealth Partnership. While investment services are offered through Q Wealth, a registered Portfolio Manager, Investment Fund Manager and Exempt market dealer, PWM offers wealth management services such as financial planning, estate and retirement planning, insurance, tax reduction strategies, risk management, group benefits, and more. As a client of Q Wealth, you may receive services from both Q Wealth and PWM Private Wealth Counsel.
What is Q Wealth Partners?
Quintessence Wealth (Q Wealth) is a partnership that is owned by its partners, including PWM Private Wealth Counsel. Q Wealth is registered as a portfolio manager, exempt market dealer and investment fund manager. The portfolio manager registration allows Q Wealth to provide investment advice to its clients. The exempt market dealer registration allows Q Wealth to engage in delivering private pooled funds. These services are provided by Q Wealth through registered advising representatives and dealing representatives, respectively.
Do you offer tax and accounting services?
Yes. Tax preparation and accounting services are offered by referral to PWM Tax & Accounting Services, which is not related to and is an independent third-party business from PWM Financial Services Inc., and PWM Private Wealth Counsel.
What is discretionary wealth management?
To provide discretionary wealth management Portfolio Managers must meet the highest conditions for registration as an investment advisor. Discretionary wealth management allows for changes to be made on short notice to your portfolio, eliminating the need to contact you for each trade. This ability to be responsive lets you seize buying opportunities as well as exit excessively risky options, while offering you the freedom to remove yourself from day-to-day investing decisions.
Who do you serve?
Our depth of experience give us the ability to handle very large portfolios, as well as those of farm families, small to medium-sized business owners, professionals, corporations, associations, foundations, pre-retirees, and retirees. It makes our clients' lives easier when we understand everything from your short-term goals to retirement plans. Bringing Q Wealth and PWM together in one team that understands the bigger picture means your investments, business, estate, insurance planning, and tax strategies all work together.
What method of analysis is used to analyze investments?
The portfolio management team at Q Wealth focuses on a fundamental approach to investment analysis. In other words, they consider such variables as prevailing economic conditions, specific industry outlook, historical data and performance, the strength of company management, earnings growth and potential, as well as any applicable tax benefits. Above all, the Q Wealth team attempts to select investments that harmonize well with your goals and objectives. The Q Wealth Portfolio Management team typically meets weekly to formally review existing holdings and discuss investment changes and new investment ideas.
Who benefits most from your services?
Q Wealth’s investment services are suited to investors who prefer to have trusted professionals make day-to-day investment decisions for them, or who may want to access investments typically only available to high-net-worth investors and pension funds. Any clients who have a complex financial, tax or investment situation, a need for a more sophisticated level of financial planning and investing, or who simply wish to plan prudently for his or her financial future will benefit from the services offered.
What is a Portfolio Manager?
Portfolio Managers are fiduciaries who must meet the highest conditions of registration and are held to a very strict code of conduct. To receive PM registration, an advisor must hold either a Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) designation or a Chartered Investment Manager® (CIM®) designation, as well as have qualifying relevant investment management experience.
What is a financial plan?
A financial plan is a written document encompassing an overall review of your financial situation, taking into account your goals and objectives. It focuses on such areas as: income tax planning, asset management, estate planning, risk management, education planning, and retirement. The plan analyzes and recommends strategies that can help you to achieve your financial goals.
What is a Fiduciary?
Portfolio Managers have a legal obligation, or fiduciary duty, to act with care, honesty and good faith, always in the best interest of clients. Investment decisions must be independent and free of bias. This differs from advisors who are not portfolio Managers and who merely have a “duty of care” required. Fiduciary duty puts a much higher level of trust placed on Portfolio Managers.
What is an Investment Policy Statement (IPS)?
A Portfolio Manager develops a written agreement called an Investment Policy Statement, or IPS. This IPS sets out the investment goals and objectives of the client and describes the investment strategies suitable to meet those objectives. The IPS takes into account specific needs, including risk tolerance, time horizon and investment philosophy. Your IPS is the basis upon which your Portfolio Manager selects an appropriate mix of investments and makes discretionary adjustments to your portfolio, and it lays out the framework for how your portfolio is managed.
How are you paid?
As Portfolio Managers, Q Wealth charges a percentage of the investments they manage for you. This fee includes the fee to Q Wealth for investment management services and the fee to PWM Private Wealth Counsel for financial planning and other services. This fee is transparent and generally much less than those of typical mutual funds, which are often embedded as a cost of doing business. You won't get hit with hidden fees, commission-driven advice, or questionable motives. Fees vary depending on the size of your portfolio and are not paid by commission based on the volume of buying or selling investments. Our commitment is to be as visible with costs as possible so that you always know what you’re paying for. In short, if you do well, we do well.
How do I get started?
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