Q Wealth Partners extends its National presence to Saskatchewan with the addition of a marquee advisory team in Saskatoon this month.

PWM Private Wealth Counsel was voted in to the carefully curated Q Wealth Partnership following a comprehensive, mutual due-diligence and discovery process.

The Q Wealth Partnership is unique with its co-op like structure. It is both owned and governed by its member Partners – who share common values, including making a “Client first” philosophy real, as opposed to a ubiquitous industry platitude.

With agility, scale, exceptional support to advisor ratios, and an effective buy and build approach to technology, Q Wealth is gaining recognition as one of the most innovative firms in Canadian wealth management. The alliance has also become one of the fastest growing Portfolio Management firms in the country - having shattered the 3 billion under management level, on its way to closer to 5 billion by the end of 2024.

Jared Rabinowitz, Executive & Founding Partner of Q Wealth shared his thoughts about the Partnership with PWM.

“The Executive team get to know our Partners on a professional, reputational, and personal level before we start introducing them to the existing Partners. We knew of Kevin (Hegedus) and Dana by their reputation as a top performing team, and that came with some expectations. We certainly came to understand what made them so successful, but were pleasantly surprised by how down-to-earth, and genuinely wonderful people they truly are. Q Wealth Partners are high-performers, but that is table stakes. MUCH more important is the human dimension. Partners must demonstrate integrity, and strong character.

Our Partners choose the big picture over big incentives to join conventional competitors. Sure, in the long run everyone wins, but that immediate opportunity cost is a big part of our character test – will you turn down instant millions in the short term to do the right thing for your Clients? They say money talks, but this act speaks volumes. PWM checked all the boxes. They are the real deal, and the Partnership we’re forging will improve outcomes for Clients and for the Q Wealth Partnership. This is a true win-win for all.”

PWM Private Counsel is a prominent team of wealth advisors in the Prairies, known for their family-office like comprehensive approach to helping Clients succeed. Having been IIROC (CIRO) registered originally, the firm considered establishing its own Portfolio Management firm – a challenging and resource intensive path which diffuses focus available to serve Clients. That’s where Q Wealth comes into the picture. With specialized resources and support, Q Wealth helps its Partners connect to immediate scale, in a way that investment dealers, with their siloed nature do not. Q Wealth immediately raises the bar for what’s possible, and Clients are the first to benefit.

Founded in 2009 by Kevin Hegedus, a 7-time WP Advisor of the Year winner, PWM is repute for their devotion to helping clients achieving financial well-being, with distinctive and comprehensive strategies. Kevin’s enthusiasm for PWM’s new direction is clear:

“I’m so excited to be part of a firm that has an alignment for me in terms of values and culture - where the client is truly put first. There is so much to be said about having true independence, about not being tied to investment products on a dealer’s shelf, and where portfolios are connected to a client’s goals, risk profile, and other needs. One of our strengths at PWM lies in the team we have built, and through our Partnership with Q Wealth, our clients now have access to some of the top portfolio managers in Canada with sophisticated investment strategies and portfolio construction. This is a real game changer. We are very excited about the future, and I hope our Clients are very pleased by this opportunity for their portfolios and plans – they are dealing with PWM, Q Wealth, NBIN, and a team that cares.”

Andrew Rodych, who joined PWM as a Partner added:

"My entire finance career has been in the independent portfolio management space. By joining Q Wealth, I feel I’ve been given an opportunity to level up for clients.  As a firm and Partnership, Q Wealth is aligned with me personally on where portfolio management needs to evolve to - tying money to your life's meaning, and ensuring your portfolio is helping you reach your financial and life goals. I'm excited to be part of a partnership that is innovating in portfolio management in Canada, inclusive of diversification of investment types and strategies, with an evolution towards pension-style investing.”

Stephen Gasparek, Chief Marketing Officer, and Head of Partnership Development expressed enthusiasm about the new collaboration:

“It’s a landmark moment for us to welcome our inaugural Q Wealth Partner in Saskatchewan. Collaborating with Kevin Hegedus and his team at PWM is a privilege. Kevin's reputation as a leader in the private wealth management sector, and his influence as a dynamic personality in the region cannot be overstated. We are confident that this Partnership with PWM will significantly enhance our collective capabilities, and drive growth to new heights.”

This partnership will enable PWM Private Wealth Counsel to elevate their standard of client service, while integrating Q Wealth's broader investment solutions, and access to an advanced technology platform, all aimed at elevating the client experience.

About Q Wealth Partners

Quintessence (Q) Wealth is a Partnership of Portfolio Managers - exclusively for advisors who want to own their practice and transcend the investment dealer world to become true fiduciaries. A support platform and advisory practice accelerator – Q Wealth integrates wealth management with financial planning and client experience. This is complemented by a comprehensive array of digital marketing, IT, cyber security, and compliance solutions. All this empowers Q Wealth Partners to focus on serving their clients at scale, and with deeper engagement. With advanced tools and resources at their side, QW Partners not only stand out, but can stand atop in an increasingly competitive and rapidly changing industry.

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